Advanced technology for a safer toilet

Superkem represents a major Breakthrough in chemical toilet sanitation.
Its advanced, long lasting anti-bacterial formula dissolves waste and kills
odours in super-fast time.

Superkem provides you with a safe toilet environment with no chemical
smell…. Just a delightful mild forest fresh fragrance.

As it is formaldehyde free, biodegradable and environmentally safe, it
can also be emptied into septic tanks.

Moreover, Superkem can be used in both flush and waste tanks.
All in all, Superkem brings together everything you always needed for
your toilet in one bottle.

Just look at all the other advantages Superkem gives you…

Superkem will not harm the environment,animals or pets. Empty the waste tank at an official sewage point, including septic tanks & waste digesters.

Superkem is easier and safer to empty and encourages the breakdown of solid waste and toilet paper. Because it is anti-bacter

SuperKem is suitable for all makes of chemical and portable toilets as it has been especially formulated for your plastic, portable toilet and will not harm any seals or moving parts.

The colorant in SuperKem is non staining and fully washable but if spilt do not allow to dry. On porous surfaces that can’t be easily washed the colour will also fade away on contact with daylight.

Superkem is pH neutral & highly effective in both hard & soft water areas.