About Us

Superkem is a brand new formaldehyde free toilet deodorant manufactured by Elsan and has been formulated using specific biocides that combine to provide odour suppressing performance that beats all other formaldehyde free products.

Because it is formaldehyde free, waste treated with Superkem can be disposed of into a Septic Tank or similar waste system. Superkem also has no chemical smell and can be used as a rinse tank additive as well as a waste tank treatment.

Elsan was founded in London in 1924 and continues to lead the world in the specialist area of chemical sanitation. More information on the history of Elsan and the rest of the Elsan product range can be found on the main Elsan website www.elsan.co.uk

Elsan’s objective is to provide consumers with a choice of exceptional products that will meet their own personal requirements. Products need to out preform all competition in preventing toilet odours and must also provide good value for money.

Elsan Blue and Double Blue – Formaldehyde based chemicals and the only products available that pass the exacting British Standard (BS 2893 : 1989)

Elsan Organic – Green, non-biocidal formula that encourages the natural breakdown of waste without producing the gasses that cause foul odours.

Superkem – Biocidal but formaldehyde free alternative containing ingredients that will rapidly dilute and biodegrade when the waste is disposed of.